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My Little Pony G5 - Chapter One
My Little Pony: G5
Chapter One
Entry 1.0 MagicMan001

Aphid pawed the lush grass with her holed hoof, crooking her hind knees and taking deep, steady breaths. She lowered her head so her black scimitar of a horn was pointing forward. Filling her belly with one more deep breath and keeping it down, she threw her entire weight forward and charged horn-first at the tree.
She collided with the trunk with a low, dull thud, the tip of her horn becoming burrowing into the bark. When she opened her eyes, colors danced and swirled in front of her, until eventually the grey trunk came into focus.
Paw paw. Paw paw.
Aphid looked left and right just in time to see the greenish-yellow fruits landing on the cushiony grass, a big, juicy one rolling right up to her hooves.
Yanking her horn free, she scooped up the nicely ripe fruit and tore through the fleshy skin with her teeth to get to the refreshingly sweet pink inside. She spat out the little black seeds and licked the skin clean, see
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Apart from the Herd - I
Apart from the Herd
Entry 1.0 MagicMan001

Mr Boerewors tipped his homburg hat over his bushy brow and puffed out his cheeks in a weary sigh. Either he really was getting old, or Princess Celestia was just being a jerk with the sun today.
Hoisting the strap of his saddlebag over his other shoulder, the ageing grey earth pony continued at a brisk pace down the sidewalk as he made his way home. He passed neat rows of newly-built groups of houses dotted along the desert hillsides, the inner city of Pontoria quickly disappearing behind him. He was never a town pony, that’s for sure.
A smile broadened Boerewors’ bearded muzzle when he arrived at the hoof of the cobbled walkway that led up to his new house. It was a large, two-story cube made of white bricks that burned bright in the sunlight and topped off with a pointed red roof.
Just one out of a spilled bowl of fat sugar cubes that were sticking out from the cracked sand, for sure, but hey, it’s home.
Boerewors wa
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Ponie Gebied by MagicMan001 Ponie Gebied :iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 17 4 A trip to McChryssie's by MagicMan001 A trip to McChryssie's :iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 107 38 Changeling Family - A stroll through Bugarest by MagicMan001 Changeling Family - A stroll through Bugarest :iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 527 92
MLP: Citizen Weevil: Chapter Four
Citizen Weevil
Chapter Four
Growing Family, Part I

Saturday mornings were, among many things in his sad, pitiful life, the bane of Weevil’s existence. It was the busiest day of the week for the store. It was good for business, but not so much for the stress vein pounding on the poor changeling’s temple.
“Here you are, Mrs Tea Cosy.” Weevil hurriedly finished packing her woolly saddlebag and slid it and her change across the counter. “I’m sorry for the wait.”
Tea Cosy rolled her eyes irritably and took off with her heavy bag of prune juice, hardly making a dent in the ridiculously long line of customers, who were growing more aggravated and restless by the minute.
“C’mon, Weevil!”
“This is getting ridiculous!”
“Hey, who touched my flank? Somepony touched my flank!”
“Okay, everyone! Everyone!” he shouted over the customers’ screaming kids who were running up and down the ai
:iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 11 4
MLP: Maternal Instinct: Chapter Thirteen
Maternal Instinct
Chapter Thirteen

“Cerci... I know how you must feel about seeing me here...”
Cerci still did not say anything to her. She just sat back down where she was, facing her back to her, her dropped head gazing wistfully into her lap. To Chrysalis, it looked as if she were meditating, but there was an underlying anger surrounding her as patent as the dirt clotting her mane.
‘Well, this is going as swimmingly as I thought.’ Right now, she really wished she had the power of telepathy, or at least the ability to see her face, if just to have some idea what the mother was thinking. Her persistent silence was disconcerting: she even would have preferred her to leap across the cell in a try to reach through the bars and punch her.
“And I figure you probably have nothing more to say to me.” She nursed her jaw, which started aching from the memory of the blow. “You made that clear at the hospital. All I’m asking is that you list
:iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 21 9
ThoughtART: The Day of Joy by MagicMan001 ThoughtART: The Day of Joy :iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 1 2
MLP: Citizen Weevil: Chapter Three
Citizen Weevil
Chapter Three
Down in Six Points, Part III

Shroud hated P.E.. Apart from a good game of hockey, he utterly hated anything to do with Physical Education. It wasn’t just because he was, by all my means, a nerd, but also because he had the grave misfortune of being a changeling colt.
As a male of his species, he could never grow as big and muscular like the mares of his species often did; the only reason the Changeling Kingdom conscripted countless stallions were because they made for good cannon fodder. He couldn’t get anything out of this class other than humiliation and pulled muscles.
The school auditorium/gymnasium was crammed with students from different grades behaving like a horde of zoo animals let out of their cages. The bad weather meant P.E. had been relegated indoors for the day, to the joy of lazy dough balls like Bigmouth, whose most arduous exercise included the trip from his living room to his fridge.
Shroud was sitting on the bott
:iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 17 9
MLP: Maternal Instinct: Chapter Twelve
Maternal Instinct
Chapter Twelve

“I’m abdicating.”
Maybe it was the breaking of the silence or just how unexpected those two words were, maybe both, but Celestia stared at her with utter bafflement.
“Don’t be ridiculous.”
“Technically, I already have.”
“How? Simply by giving your sister your crown?” Celestia clucked her tongue and eyed the Changeling’s head quizzingly. “Hmm, you really do look odd without it.”
Chrysalis tossed over on the bed, away from her and flipped her pillow to the cool side. It was still dark in the room, save for the morning light streaming narrowly into the room as before. Celestia had recently re-joined Chrysalis after performing her daily duty of raising the sun, one that did not change wherever she was in the world. The Changeling Queen did not bother getting up to watch her perform this feat, having seen the sun rise herself countless times and, frankly, even was confused w
:iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 24 14
MLP: Citizen Weevil: Chapter Two
Citizen Weevil
Chapter Two
Down in Six Points, Part II

The Six Points, the neighbourhood where Weevil and his family lived, was named as such because of the design of the streets. There were six streets in total – Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, Kindness, and Magic Street – and they all met up to make Harmony Square.
It confused Weevil as to why the names of many places in Manehattan and Equestria in general have such weird names like those, and to the best of his knowledge, the streets had been renamed within the last decade, namely after the ‘Elements of Harmony’. He had no idea if these were an actual thing or some fruity Equestrian concept, but it wasn't like he really cared.
Weevil and Echo came to Manehattan several years ago on a hot, stuffy airship across the sea, packed with about two hundred other changelings like sardines. It was easily one of the most unbearable experiences of his entire life, and no, that wasn't an exaggeration. Pictu
:iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 20 29
MLP: Maternal Instinct: Chapter Eleven
Maternal Instinct
Chapter Eleven

Philomena enjoyed the solitary nights she spent out in flight. Princess Celestia was kind enough to let her fly over Canterlot every night; she glided over the dazzling city of lights at night, letting her gorgeous red-feathered body be engulfed in the warm glow.
The opportunity she was given this day was different; she was given the opportunity to soar over the skyline of the Changeling capital city, a metropolis of just as wood as concrete, something she had not seen for more than a century. For the centuries old phoenix whose life had mostly been lived in the Equestrian continent, the experience was very exotic; the lights (which were starting to come on at this time) were candlelit and the air was more humid than what she was used to.
Her excursion around the city was not to last long; she had her orders from her mistress. She arrived at her destination at King Cocoon Hospital around dusk, not too long after the fight between her mistress an
:iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 38 20
Citizen Weevil - Weevil and his family by MagicMan001 Citizen Weevil - Weevil and his family :iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 522 35
MLP: Citizen Weevil: Chapter One
Citizen Weevil
Chapter One
Down in Six Points, Part I

One dreary morning in the city of Manehattan, Weevil awoke with relief from anxious dreams, only to groan dejectedly once he remembered where he was.
The changeling stallion was lying uncomfortably on his insect wings in the same lumpy, undersized bed he'd been sleeping in for the last several years. Rubbing his heavy eyelids, he lifted his head up a little, but his view was obstructed by his belly that was so engorged it felt like a boulder tied around his midsection.
Looking to his left, Weevil saw his wife still sleeping on top of him, her body pressed up tight against his and her strong legs wrapped around his wide love handles. Their blanket had slid off during the night and was now sprawled out over the floor. Even worse, the heater must have shut itself off, because their room was so chilly they were both riddled with goosebumps.
He turned his head away from her slacked muzzle, trying to get away from her bad morning b
:iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 31 25
MLP: Maternal Instinct: Chapter Ten
Maternal Instinct
Chapter Ten

When Celestia regained her senses, an incessant ringing lingered in her ears and a dulled pain throbbed in her well-toned muscles. Her memory put together what had happened to her: she had just been blasted through a hospital wall. She coughed up some dust and steadily rose to all fours, rubbing her pounding head. It was not necessarily the force of the crash that temporarily stunned, but the concentrated power of that fearsome bolt of energy. It struck her square in the chest; a few inches higher and it would have struck her heart, and that would have left some serious damage.
She looked up and narrowed her vision through the hazy cloud of parting dust, where she saw a predator’s harlequin eyes, accompanied by the hulking form of their owner, emerging from the next room over, both fixed on her malevolently like a famished owl on a tasty rodent.
Queen Chrysalis wore a straight face, too calm and restrained to be natural. The fires of Taratarus
:iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 30 8
Princess Pupa by MagicMan001 Princess Pupa :iconmagicman001:MagicMan001 673 794

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In honour of my team's stunning comeback victory and many more in years yet to come.

And a huge thanks to my friends for recently getting me into this great sport. What luck that my first ever Super Bowl had to be one of the greatest.


Well, folks, Christmas has come and is less than hour from being gone. I'm glad to say I've had the most splendid day with my familia. I got everything I wanted, I had a scrumptious dinner made by my beloved grand-mum and we all watched The Lion King together. I had a great day and I certainly hope the rest of you did as well with your loved ones. I'm sure glad I did, because it's straight back to work for me tomorrow lol

To sign off, here's a picture of yours truly enjoying the festivities. Just me at my grandmother's house, dressed in my new blue Team GB Adidas tracksuit jacket, black jeans and poof ball hat, rocking my new wireless Bose headphones and cruisin' my new red HP Pavilion laptop.

15621714 10202842922872097 8000620366725375688 N ( by MagicMan001

Happy Holidays!

Alright, everyone, it's Christmas Eve and here in the UK, Christmas Day is only an hour away. So without further ado, allow me to serenade you all with my most favourite carol of all time Merry christmas everybody 

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! Santa Clause jark Clause fella Gift (Party) 


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In honour of my team's stunning comeback victory and many more in years yet to come.

And a huge thanks to my friends for recently getting me into this great sport. What luck that my first ever Super Bowl had to be one of the greatest.


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But you know, I've had a thought. We've all had this consensus that Chrysalis would run away to regather her forces, but I had this thought today: wouldn't the best place to hide be in plain sight?

As in, she and her family disguise as a family of Reformed Changedlings and she operates her agents and army via espionage codes in the shadows?
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Extremely risky, at least within the Codex-verse; given Thorax and his hive are now practically the salvation of Changelingkind, they would be the center of the two official Courts' undivided attention. Much of their combined resources would be there to ensure that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens to Thorax and his Reformed Changelings, and that would probably include security measures to ensure no one infiltrates the hive, especially the one ex-Queen that is being actively hunted by both Spring and Summer Courts.

I would imagine though that those Chrysalis' agents still loyal to her, purified or not, would be mingled among the Thorax hive to relay intelligence to Chrysalis, whom would no doubt plot to cause as much damage as possible. Won't rule out that Chrysalis and her family could be hiding among other changeling hives or among the peoples of other countries anonymously...
MagicMan001 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Indeed, in the Codex-verse at least, that would be extremely risky and ballsy.

But the more I think about it, whatever universe it's in, the Chrysalis clan don't necessarily have to be directing their pitiful forces or performing espionage. In all likeliness, after she was dethroned, Chrysalis likely has no forces or money at her disposal. Like you said, Thorax and his Hive are the salvation of their kind, and the truth about changelings obtaining love has been proven outright and really cannot be disputed. Even if she still has supporters, they're likely few in number and unable to pose any significant threat.

I'd honestly just love to see Chrysalis and her family living in an inner-hive (inner-city) apartment in the Hive they once ruled over with an iron-fist and which is now becoming a progressive, liberal and capitalistic like a Western/Northern European nation, while they're just getting up to all kinds of illegal shit for their own gratification. For example, Chrysalis, a notorious drug user, had a personal vault full of Coke, chopped up Poison Joke, and every Class A drug known to equinity. Between that and her vault of wealth, she prioritised the first over the other. Imago points out the obvious to her that she could've used the money to BUY more drugs, but Chrysalis just upper-cuts her to the muzzle. In fact, if she does have supporters, purified or not and mingling among the Thorax hive, Chrysalis could just exploit them to get her and her family stuff, like breaking in to her old vaults to get her old shit back. Why? Because something tells me Chrysalis KNOWS she'll never sit on her throne again.
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